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I have no complaints about Trebon, about Gymnazium and about the students. This week was one of the best of this project. And I say this because of the reception of the students. Everybody was amazing with us. The students were interested about our culture, asked a lot of questions and the main,they  interacted with us. I just want to say thanks for the students and for the teachers. 

PS: I loved. loved, loved and loved the concert on thursday! Was amazing. 

I will never forget this week.


About this week: it's a really nice week, since the first day we arrived in your school, we met really good students. They show us their interests. During the classes,they can think of something and ask questions,that was really nice. The atmosphere in this school is really good. And teachers are really friendly!! Really, they helped us a lot in the class, and especially after classes. They take care of our school life, and prepare everything for us. And about the host family. Before I came I thought it would be better to live in the school dorm. But when I met Niki and went her home, I really liked this girl. She is so lovely, and she made a lot of plans for me.and also her parents and sisters are also really kind to me.They try to speak English with me everyday~they are also interested in my country, and I am really glad to hear that they change their opinion about China, and they hope to visit China.

Thank you so much for these days!


The school was amaizing with every details (students teachers .. etc) The most thing that I liked is activities with the pupiles like sport activity and musical concert and ceremony .

And the host family was more than perfect .. Everything was super!


hi trebon and my school :)

Being with you during this week was unforgateble for me.. it was my first high school, but I think that it was also the best school for me. with very friendly students, school staff and host families. I'm very surprised and very happy because your students are very creative, active and love art, sport activities. thanks for your hospitality.. I can't say anything negative,

I'm full only positive emotions. 

Thanks for everything!


foto: Khrystyna Lyutyk

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